How to pick the right rims of the glasses?


New Year - the right moment to change the old, familiar, or start something new. For example, you can radically revise its image, or even just thinking about it. Think we'll start with the principal, and most importantly to us, loved ones, of course, the eyes, and everything associated with them.

The eyes themselves, according to image-makers, change seems to be rather problematic. It is the Diocese of plastic surgery. But to correct what is worn over the eye - it is possible and even necessary (if you do decide to seriously tackle its appearance). So, hurry and briefly today will deal with glasses.

To wear eyeglasses, not just be smart, you still have a documented poor eyesight. For example, you may have myopia or hyperopia. The choice is yours. And yet this, at first glance, a significant disadvantage becomes your real advantage. After all, with the help of properly selected frame can be optically correct nose or the whole of your unique shape.

Let's say the Lord will reward you a long nose. And while he obviously wanted to make things better. So it seems to be nothing here is you can not change. Far. Wearing glasses just below the nose, you can easily make sure that her nose began to look much shorter. Approximately the same metamorphosis happens if your nose is too wide.

Men with a small person and, accordingly, small nose should not wear glasses in a large garish frame, since a large points face like "lost" and fineness of the devil becomes noticeable. Consequently, points (in a thin frame) to wear on the nose as possible.
But, say, the holders of a triangular face with a broad lower part of the required points of rectangular shape, which optically widen the face, narrowed at the temples.

Last critical review we face can be called "heart-shaped." That if you take the radish tops and flip it up. So, owners of a wonderful person in the form of radish should buy a medium-sized glasses, in an oval frame.

The happiest people - the owners of an oval face. They may wear glasses of any kind and most ambitious form. They recommend that we do not. " The main thing is that they understand how much they are lucky in this life. And more often changed their frame - in order not to fall into monotony. A New Year - it is a good occasion to remind them about it.