Sport, recreation and sunglasses


For sports sunglasses special requirements. They not only must reliably protect your eyes from the sun, but have increased strength, to be made of special plastic, not glass, because glass increases the risk of eye injuries. According to statistics, 90% of eye injuries could be prevented if protective eyewear, with nearly half of all injuries occurring in children under 14 years.


Depending on the sport and the risk of eye injury claims to the points change:

Surfing, water skiing, motorcycle or boat
Sunglasses must be well protected from UV and infrared radiation to be polarized to eliminate glare of water, to protect against splashes and be triggers.


Fishing and Hunting

Sunglasses should be well protected from UV and infrared radiation to be polarized to eliminate glare water. Color Filter - gray or brown with bright light, pink or yellow in the dim light.

Mirror filter use does not rekomnduetsya because it gives the highlights and could frighten away the fish or animal.


Bicycle and motorcycle

When riding a bicycle or motorcycle sunglasses must be well protected from obvetrivaniya, dust, ultraviolet and infrared radiation to be polarized to eliminate glare and to be triggers.

Suitable glasses mask in hot weather - the more open points. From the security goals can not be used with glass lenses.

Pair and group activities indoors and outdoors: tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc.
Often, it is those sports where possible eye injuries: falls, bumps, hit the ball or finger in the eye. With games on the street in these sports eye often looks at the sky, so sun protection is also important.

Suitable Sunglasses type mask, hemispheres, impact-resistant, protecting against ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Comfortable elastic strap or bow with worn rubber.



Sunglasses for drivers should be well protected from glare and blinding light (ie to be Polarized) correctly show the colors of traffic signs and traffic lights to protect against UV and infrared radiation and is resistant to impact.

Too dark filters are used when driving during the day is not recommended, but in the dark glasses are not only not help, but can be dangerous.