Contact lenses


Still, in my opinion, the discomfort of riding with glasses too big. Therefore preferable to use now become very popular soft contact lens (MCL). They are:


* Never misted;
* Not chill the nose and ears;
* In the rain, sleet and fog in them perfectly clear;
* If the accident and the fall they will not cause injury face;
* Does not restrict visibility in any direction;
* Does not slip off from shaking;

* And most importantly, correctly chosen lens, absolutely not felt and do not interfere.


It is believed that the eyes of the lens blush, "dried" lacrimal gland, eyes acquire a specific shine (not the greedy, not that ravenous), triggered by a myriad of diseases and so on. I wear lenses for more than 4 years. With regard to shine in the eyes and other cosmetic effects of the MCL, then I am with my close friends spent the experiment: one in the eye lens, the other without. The result - no one noticed the difference! Only when I no longer control himself and habit narrowed to focus the weak-sighted eye, the lens was detected. I want to once again highlight that good and properly fitted lenses are absolutely not felt in the eyes and almost unnoticeable.


However, unlike eyeglasses, lenses require care and attention, especially since in field conditions to do it much more difficult. How to care for lenses is explained in detail in their selection of a doctor. Dwell on this I will not, I'll mention only the main points.


Thus, the lens may be different. Extended wear (year, half a year, 3 months, one month) and single (also a different life from one day to several weeks). Extended wear lenses must be removed at bedtime. Night & Day lenses from the company Pure Vision can be a month without removing, face $ 40 One-off - do not require a take off - their dress, wear the prescribed time, then removed and discarded. More popular are still MCL extended wear, since their prices. One-time (day) cost about $ 1 per pair. In our market, they are firms Focus and Jonson & Jonson.
In fact, messing around with lenses is not so much. On the morning with clean hands to get them from a special container and put in the eye, and in the evening, clean hands, pulled out his eyes and folded into a container, do not forget to change the saline in which they are stored. The main problem of course, appear in the campaign.


For a start, I note that in a campaign to clean the lens must be more careful. The evening spent at the campfire, even the smoky, no impact on the lenses if they clean up well afterwards. Of course, direct contact with smoke in my eyes is best avoided, but jump at the slightest appearance of it is not worth it. It is noticed that the lens of the eye are not afraid of no smoke, no onions - no matter how like a thick "plastic" to protect the eyes. Crying will not! To care for MCL, I prefer to use imported universal saline, which removes, including protein. Sometimes it is sold in disposable 10 ml vial, which is sufficient for the evening and morning locks rinsing.


The main problem faced by the owner of MCL in a campaign - this is the problem of "clean hands". Obviously, to my eyes is preferable to climb with clean hands. Doctors even categorically insisted on that. In the campaign, of course, is to ensure not only (especially in winter conditions, or "dry" parking). Problem is solved several alcohol wipes, which should take with you. Wipe their hands to the "necessary condition" and all will be fine. Just note that getting alcohol in the eye unpleasantly. So do not touch the eye once, let the alcohol evaporate from the surface of the opportunity of hands. Also, remember that the solution to care for MCL are usually sterile and they can also wipe his hands - would not be worse. But ordinary water and is quite suitable for rinsing and for night storage, if a solution somewhere disappeared. Carbonated water is better not to use, because at night lens pops up on the bubble of gas, ssohnetsya in the air and out of shape, probably irretrievably. For sale as a cleaning gel that evaporates from the hands without a trace. There is quite a natural way to clean your hands: I had to sometimes take a finger in his mouth, chew it thoroughly, spit that it accumulated during the day, again as "wash" and then get the lens. Foreigners, sometimes pull out and put into a special plastic lens with forceps, but we have to sell to be none.


Saline can also drip into the eyes. For example, once at a competition veloorientirovaniyu I got into the eye gnat. And not just random, but uniformly smeared on the lens. Get him on the run, there was not a possibility. The competition for mosquitoes nobody stopped, and precious time was slipping by. I had to remove the lens by hand, which had been available (well, of course, I brushed them and even velorubashku rubbed). The eye drop of the solution, the lens in a container, with spectacles on his nose and forward. And nothing. Terrible illness. Of course, if you have been forced to remove the lens in unsanitary conditions, it does not cling to once again to the eye, give them the opportunity to disinfect and wash the container with saline solution. And wear them back still with clean hands.


That is what the lens really do not like, it's dust. It is hard sometimes to drive them in summer along the sandy road in dry weather. Sand and dust clogging the eye. And if an ordinary man blinked and rubbed and order, the carriers of MCL may have trouble. The fact is that to remove foreign objects from the eye, which has a lens is much more difficult. One "promargivaniya" enough. If it happened to you this trouble - in any case not rub your eyes, even if you want it. You "votrete" dirt in the lens, will have to take it off and rinse. It is better to shut the affected eye for several minutes, then gently blinked, trying to cause tears. If not help, to drip into the eye of the same saline solution, rinse.


The best course to prevent this problem. For example, in the summer pleasure to wear dark glasses, they are from the sun and protect from dust. There are also special veloochki designed just to protect from dust. So the lens lenses and glasses still needed. Just do not forget that dark or goggles, you can withdraw at any time, but with diopters - are doomed to wear the whole trip!


Another problem I encountered when wearing MCL refers only to winter hikes. It should be noted that, despite the fact that saline is a solution of salt, it does not freeze even at very low temperatures. I go to bed I somehow sleep in a tent, cool, degrees 18 below zero. D remain a container for the lenses, and I see instead of usual liquid two pieces of ice. Since then, container and bottle with liquid, I drive straight at himself (and not in a backpack) from the temperature of 0 degrees. This course reassurance, but no one bottles of saline solution, the recommended storage temperature did not go to minus region.


Otherwise, in my opinion, the care of contact lenses in a campaign is no different from the usual city. In any case, nice to be with them either eye tetracycline ointment, or solution levometsitina, in case if there's anything wrong with the eyes occurs. We must remember that careless handling of lenses can cause irritation or inflammation. In that case, better to have the medicine and glasses replaced. I "work" with lenses takes 5-10 minutes in the morning and evening, with one-time - faster.


Such is the sad picture. Yes it is better to have healthy eyes. But despair not worth it. It is an active lifestyle will help if you do not recover, at least to preserve the remnants of view. So the lens in the eye glasses in his pocket and go to see and conquer!