Sunglasses - Accessory enigma



The bright sun is often the cause of the appearance of wrinkles. On clear summer days, it is impossible to watch without squinting his eyes, especially if it is near sea. Sunlight reflected by water, shine in mercy. The only salvation in the hot, cloudless days are the sunglasses.


But the glasses - it's not just protection from the sun. This is an integral part of the summer ensemble fashionista. Air outfit stylish women will not be complete if it did not add elegant accessories. Sunglasses - a subtle touch that emphasizes the good taste of the ladies, and refined salt completing the integrity of its image.


The fashion for sunglasses is not as fickle as fashion trends in footwear and clothing. Therefore, the main directions of last summer, remains valid in the new season. Thus, still popular big rims and nice decor, supplementing the one-color bow, and futuristic and vintage form.


It goes without saying that this season has made adjustments to the trend last year, first and foremost this is reflected in the color of glass and frames, as well as unusual forms of expression in the arches.


In the collections of many fashion houses presented retro. For example, vintage form with broad, square frames in the style of the 1960 picks Nina Ricci; popular spectacles-"Aviator" and glasses "dragon" with large windows, popular in the 1970's, offers a Giorgio Armani; shaped rim, resembling butterfly wings is Sonia Rykiel. Relevant are also round or slightly rounded rim, as well as severe forms of points in the spirit of the 1950's.


To be sure, still the most popular of vintage forms are classic "Aviator", which for years did not go out of fashion. This season firmly established yet another trendy area - points in a futuristic style. Actual glasses half mask with curly temples, a very wide color frame and clear glasses.


But even whatever forms were not points this season, the most important thing - do not forget about their size over-size. Today, the most actual size frames - on the floor face.


This season designers prefer spectacle frames are made of stainless steel, aluminum or titanium, plastic. Natural raw materials has become fashionable to use and the development of modern collections of glasses - frames made of natural materials with the latest technologies. Thus, this year there were glasses in a wooden frame. In 2009, the widely used transparent or colored plastic, especially in youth collections widely. The engines rims and temples covered with matte the skin.


Colours fashion points this season are both classic colors: black, gray and brown, and in more bright and rich colors. But still the favorites this season were purple, pale pink, lilac and purple hues. For points futuristic forms are the most suitable very bright neon colors: red, orange, blue, green.


So choose the model of "per se"! Do not forget that a woman, behind the big glasses, is fraught with mystery ...