Sports glasses
In the lives of many sports played a very important role. Moreover, for many it is just the same meaning of life. What if man led astray by some kind of sport, visually impaired? What, for example, basketball or amateur scuba diving, downhill skiers or tennis player, if he can not see beyond their own noses?

Safety glasses
In today's market can be deceived every buyer. It is not only in ignorance of the legal subtleties that regulate the process of buying and forgery prodazhi.Zachastuyu are of such high quality and are accompanied by such number of any "serious" papers, even literate person could easily mistake them for original.

Selection of contact lenses
If the lenses are chosen correctly, the patient will surely become a staunch supporter of contact correction of vision. It should be noted that when it comes to the selection of contact lenses, it does not mean that the whole process is reduced to the choice of brand or type. Here means the full and complete ophthalmic examination, which will hold a doctor-kontaktolog before you determine what lenses fit a particular patient.

Rimless eyeglasses
Over the past ten years is very widespread rimless eyeglasses. Although few people know that they were extremely popular in the early twentieth century. However, if this popularity is due not fashion trends, and more prosaic criteria.

Proposals on the market one-day lenses
One Day contact lenses SofLens daily disposable (Bausch & Lomb) for sure will make winter days with their sometimes monotonous landscape more vivid, because thanks to aspherical design, they are able to eliminate the spherical aberration of the eye and the effect of night myopia, ensuring high quality of vision even in low light conditions. Using them is easier to ensure the safety on winter roads, where because of snow is sometimes difficult to discern the outlines of objects. These lenses also offer protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Reliable protection of eyes
Sunshine and some types of artificial lighting can be not only enjoyable, but also dangerous, especially for eye tissue, is very sensitive to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. What tools can reliably protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation? Can cope with this problem day contact lenses? We offer you now understand these issues.

Points for drivers
Road safety depends on many factors: the technical parameters of the car, proper operation of all its systems and units, experience driver, road quality, weather conditions and so on. And not least when it took visual acuity man sitting down for wheel. On how well the driver sees the road, the surrounding space, oncoming cars, pedestrians, and it depends own and another's security, and sometimes life.

Polarizing glasses
Although the cost of one and the other is quite comparable, but the fishing is desirable polarizing eyeglasses. How to check whether the data polarizing glasses? Very simple. Take two pairs of glasses and leaned against each other. You will be able to see through them. I now turn to some points by 90 degrees.

Optical coatings
To date, no self-respecting manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses do not overlook their coverage. It really important, because of the quality and purpose of the coating depends on the health of the eyes of consumers, product quality and respectively, the reputation of the manufacturer.

Lenses and extended wear lenses
The same question was agitated and producers contact optics, so the relevant studies were conducted. Analyze had a lot of factors: the material elements, their parameters, mode of transportation, ways of cleaning and storage conditions, the composition of tear fluid patient carrier, even the surrounding environment. As a result, scientists were able to establish that the maximum period of wearing lenses not exceed 12 months.

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