Sunglasses - an integral part of the wardrobe

That's spring in full swing, the sun is shining brightly. But what spring without an updated wardrobe? And what the sun without new sunglasses? Today, sunglasses have become not only necessary, but a vivid fashion-fetish, supplementing face, thus giving the completeness and expressiveness. It is not only protection for the eyes, but also trendy thing, can emphasize your style.

How to put on and remove contact lenses
In order to properly and quickly wear contact lenses require some dexterity. People who face this the first time, they say that at first there is even a slight sense of fear - what if you can accidentally scratch the eye. Ophthalmologists same argue that this is unlikely, if cautious.

How to choose sunglasses
Today buy them is not a problem, sunglasses can be bought in almost any store. Main how to choose those that are and will look beautiful, and to protect our eyes from the bright sun. First you need to be defined with the material and color lenses, it's the most important parameters in selecting eyeglasses. So what do you choose glass or plastic?

History of contact lenses
Many people believe that contact lenses, unlike eyeglasses were invented relatively recently. It's not quite true. Point that widespread they actually received only in the second half of the twentieth century, but the first attempts to establish a contact lens have been made yet in the XVI century.

History eyeglasses
There is hardly a man who at least once in life, did not wear glasses, either with glasses or sun diopters. However, few knows that the history of the simplest optical instrument is rooted in antiquity. Although the points as they had been invented only in the XIII century, already in ancient Rome, wealthy patricians used a special way precious stones in order to look through them in the sun.

Gray MARKET sunglasses

Glasses computer
By order of Minzravmedproma Russia, people with visual defects, at entry associated with computer equipment required to undergo a complete ophthalmological examination. Ability to perform such work is determined two factors: the nature of the visual defect and the severity of work.

Glasses simulators
Few of the "four-eyes" never heard of glasses-trainers. Some are skeptical about such talk - they say, but this is probably another advertising "duck" to pull out of other people's pockets more money. Other hesitantly shrug -- could buy and try, but whether that's good?

Glasses chameleons
Points, which are the common people called "chameleons", known for quite some time. Their advantages are undeniable - the bright sunglasses themselves darken, turning in an excellent eye protection. This is especially important for those who had developed photophobia or improved tearing.

Eye protection from UV radiation
The last few years has been increasingly hear talk about the dangers of finding the open sunlight. Year after year in the press an increasing number of publications on the dangers of ultraviolet radiation.

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