Glasses and Society
Unfortunately, sometimes the majority opinion is not entirely fair or justified, sometimes frivolous, or even biased. For example, many centuries ago, the impression that people wearing glasses are of high intelligence. With one hand, it is to some extent true - often eyesight deteriorates in people who love to spend time with books and reading improves intelligence.

Computer and visual defects
In the 80-ies, when personal computers just began to be widely used, the main problem was a powerful radiation. The first monitors splashed out a barrage of X-rays, electromagnetic fields of low and high frequencies. Then on safety of users of speech does not even passed since computer makers have just started to think about how to protect the consumer.

Choose Sunglasses
Fashion in sunglasses changes every season: narrow and wide, mirror and colored, with all kinds of ornaments and without. But the main thing in sunglasses is not their beauty, and protection. Sunglasses should protect the eyes from UV rays, protecting our vision. Choosing such points, remember that their beauty and how they look at you it's not all. It is important to choose a model that combines the functions of protection against the adverse effects of the sun and pleasant design.

Care of ophthalmic lenses
When you buy a thing, of course, want to they will last as long as possible. And especially a natural desire if this is the first thing necessary for everyday use, providing comfort in the familiar anything.

Classification of ophthalmic lenses
Several centuries ago, the glass lenses are made of transparent minerals, and the only setting for them served as the metal. The development of science and technology has given impetus to the industry, and over time in optics appeared more and more materials suitable for the manufacture of points.

Colored contact lenses
This is a fascinating addition to the will. But not everyone have eyes of emerald hue, like the legendary Queen Cleopatra, or color spring sky, like a true Irish. For most people, eye color is determined by race: Asians, Middle East and Africa, for example, have dark brown eyes, Northern Europeans - gray-blue.

Terms of care for contact lenses
Contact lenses have many compelling advantages, and disadvantages but they also have. Their main disadvantage is the fragility -- damage the lens is very, very easily. When careless treatment they can burst, burst, edges can be deformed. Therefore when putting on and removing lenses need to be careful.


Sunglasses - without a miss
No sunglasses can not do both in town and at the resort. Points - is first and foremost, protecting our eyes from the sun and dust. Usually we pay more attention to the form of frames, matching it to the type of person, and fashion trends, often forgetting about the functionality points. Today we'll talk about how to not make mistakes when buying and not buy a stylish but low-quality and protects the eye accessory.

Selection of glass lenses
Many people, buying eyeglasses, more attention to the choice of frame, assuming that it is the most important part. Not say that they are wrong, because the frame is really crucial, but only in terms of aesthetics.

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