How to choose sunglasses
Material shall be a primary criterion in choosing sunglasses, because health is more important to the style or image. Glasses not only help protect your eyes from bright sunlight, but also do not allow UV light (only glasses with glass lenses). Just wanted to say that too small glasses (whether glass or plastic) though will look stylish, but will be a poor tool in sun protection.

Sport, recreation and sunglasses
For sports sunglasses special requirements. They not only must reliably protect your eyes from the sun, but have increased strength, to be made of special plastic, not glass, because glass increases the risk of eye injuries. According to statistics, 90% of eye injuries could be prevented if protective eyewear, with nearly half of all injuries occurring in children under 14 years.

How to choose glasses for a child?
In the first year of life, the main indications for correction are aphakia and high myopia. In children under the age of three leading indications for correction of hyperopia is for esotropia. Preschool children (3-7 years) to correct aphakia, congenital myopia and hyperopia are added early acquired myopia and astigmatism. At school age, the leading indication for the correction of myopia is acquired.

How to pick the right rims of the glasses?
New Year - the right moment to change the old, familiar, or start something new. For example, you can radically revise its image, or even just thinking about it. Think we'll start with the principal, and most importantly to us, loved ones, of course, the eyes, and everything associated with them.

What you need to remember when choosing a frame for glasses?
Participation points is a fairly serious procedure. Many people, especially women, are choosing to purchase the frames as a costume or decorations. The frame should be modern, "trendy" and yet have to face, color and styling your hair, and jewelry.

Improving appearance points lenses
Vysokoprelomlyayuschie lenses made of organic materials can significantly improve the appearance of spectacles. Using the lenses of materials with refractive indices from 1.60 to 1.74 can substantially reduce the thickness and weight of lenses and glasses to make a superficially more attractive, even at high degrees of ametropia. Variety vysokoprelomlyayuschih range of lenses in combination with optical coatings, which offer today, many manufacturers, often puts consumers in a quandary: what lens to choose? To make the right decision, we must understand the basic characteristics and features of the lens material with high and superhigh refractive index.

Contact lenses
It is believed that the eyes of the lens blush, "dried" lacrimal gland, eyes acquire a specific shine (not the greedy, not that ravenous), triggered by a myriad of diseases and so on. I wear lenses for more than 4 years. With regard to shine in the eyes and other cosmetic effects of the MCL, then I am with my close friends spent the experiment: one in the eye lens, the other without.

Spectral points or more on computer vision syndrome
American Association of optometric studies published data on the new occupational disease "Computer vision syndrome" - (KSZ). Computer vision syndrome in one form or another is observed in 100% of computer users. His symptoms are familiar to almost everyone who holds the monitor more than 4-5 hours a day. Ophthalmologists note the rapid growth of cases of SGC. For example, in North America with typical complaints of the SGC to the doctors turned to 1992, 10 million people. In 1996 - 15 million people., And in 1998 for 22 million people.

Polarizing eyeglasses. What do they differ from ordinary sunglasses?
Although the cost of those and other quite comparable, but the fishing is desirable polarized glasses. How to check whether the data points polarizing? Very simple. Take two pair, and lean their glasses to each other. You will be able to see through them. I now turn to some points by 90 degrees. If you continue to see through the glass, then the conventional glasses, but if you do not see - that's all right - you are in the hands of polarized eyeglasses. What it does affect fishing?

Sunglasses - Accessory enigma
The bright sun is often the cause of the appearance of wrinkles. On clear summer days, it is impossible to watch without squinting his eyes, especially if it is near sea. Sunlight reflected by water, shine in mercy. The only salvation in the hot, cloudless days are the sunglasses.

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Proposals on the market one-day lenses

Today Russia is available to the user a wide range of high quality one-day contact lenses. And more recently, to such hydrogel sunglesses made of advanced materials added to the first silicone hydrogel lenses daily replacement. 

One Day contact lenses SofLens daily disposable (Bausch & Lomb) for sure will make winter days with their sometimes monotonous landscape more vivid, because thanks to aspherical design, they are able to eliminate the spherical aberration of the eye and the effect of night myopia, ensuring high quality of vision even in low light conditions. Using them is easier to ensure the safety on winter roads, where because of snow is sometimes difficult to discern the outlines of objects. These lenses also offer protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Strong UV protection have all contact lenses Acuvue (Johnson & Johnson Vision Care), including one day. Among the latter, recently there have been two new items that have already entered the market. The world's first one-day silicone hydrogel lenses 1 Day Acuvue TruEye have a UV filter class 1 (highest level). Due to a high rate of transmission of oxygen Dk / t, they completely meet the need of eyes in oxygen. These lenses allow for correction of myopia and hyperopia.

Lenses 1-Day Acuvue for Actigmatism, to ensure UV protection, specifically designed for patients with astigmatism of medium and high powers, which constitute about 20-30% of the total number of clients of optical shops. Due to the unique design of accelerated stabilization lenses provide stable and clear vision regardless of the rotation and inclination of the user's head, they just pick it up.

Both new products guarantee high visual acuity, comfort, and one of the highest levels of UV protection provided for soft contact lenses. For one-day lenses having this characteristic and represented in Russia's optical market under private brands include lenses OKVision Daysoft (daysoft) patented technology molding SoftEdge. As noted in a press release to these lenses, thanks to the last they are "the world's only lenses with a rounded edge design." Distributors, "Okay COMES", refers to the special qualities of these lenses not only the presence of eye protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation, but also that they do not violate the stability of the tear film. The products are offered at very competitive price because the manufacturer has succeeded in reducing its cost by reducing the size of blisters.

Creations from biocompatible lens material Maxima 1-Day (Maxima Optics) also protect the eyes from ultraviolet light at the proper level, providing them comfort and moisture throughout the day. Due to the properties of the material hayoksifilkon A lens capable of retaining 99% of moisture during the time of use, it is also reflected in the stability of their optical characteristics. That said, it could be argued that the lens Maxima 1-Day perfectly suited even for patients with moderate dry eye.

Sauflon The company also produces a one-day lenses with biocompatible properties Bioclear 1 Day, which relied on to protect the eyes from UV-A and UV-B rays. Despite the fact that recently in the optical market, a host of new products, biomimetic Bioclear 1 Day lenses are still considered one of the most advanced. Comfort and safety of these lenses are provided through the use of advanced proprietary processing technology edge and adding to the lens material substance AquAtract, allowing longer retain moisture on the lens surface.

Most recently, the company Sauflon introduced in the market and its version of one-day silicone hydrogel lenses - biomimetic Clariti 1 day. Indicators lenses look promising: the moisture content of 58% (the highest value of this parameter in silicone hydrogel lenses), the elastic modulus of 0.5 MPa, that is very low. In the process of production of these lenses do not apply any kind of special surface treatment or lubricating agents. Instead, it uses a patented technology AquaGen, allowing to combine several materials in the monomers to form a surface with a very small angle wettability.

For those who prefer a comfortable and safe daily replacement lenses, which are ideally suited for active recreation and sports, to Russia's market offers a lens Proclear 1 Day (Cooper Vision). They are made of omafilkona A biocompatible component of this material binds and keeps a large number of water molecules, the lenses provide effective wetting his eyes and a high degree of comfort even in the presence of dry air indoors and outdoors. As the producer, advanced aspheric design effectively neutralizes the spherical aberration and the lens and the eye.

In addition, high resistance to protein and lipid deposits, inherent in all lenses with a biocompatible properties, enabling them to stay clean for a long time and is optimally suited for patients who suffer from allergies. Certainly the fact that all these lenses protect eyes from harmful UV rays appropriately.

In conclusion, we supplement our list of one-day color contact lenses Tutti One-Day (Bescon), which were recently presented at the global optical market. As with all soft contact lenses of the manufacturer, they are released with the use of technology molding Cast-Moulding, comfortable and safe for the eyes. Special trehtonovaya coloring gives an opportunity to create lenses, painted in vivid and natural colors, are popular, as blue, green, brown and gray. In addition to the main advantages of this type of lenses - safety and comfort, Tutti One-Day have the advantage of colored lenses. Soon these lenses, including diopters, and Russia will be available to consumers.

As our review of best one-day contact lenses presented at the world and Russia's optical market, this product has the advantages associated with the use of modern technology, and all the necessary properties for excellent vision correction and eye protection from ultraviolet radiation. If we take into account the fact that the daily replacement lenses require no care, then do they can be called reliable and convenient in all respects, not only in summer but in winter.