How to choose sunglasses
Material shall be a primary criterion in choosing sunglasses, because health is more important to the style or image. Glasses not only help protect your eyes from bright sunlight, but also do not allow UV light (only glasses with glass lenses). Just wanted to say that too small glasses (whether glass or plastic) though will look stylish, but will be a poor tool in sun protection.

Sport, recreation and sunglasses
For sports sunglasses special requirements. They not only must reliably protect your eyes from the sun, but have increased strength, to be made of special plastic, not glass, because glass increases the risk of eye injuries. According to statistics, 90% of eye injuries could be prevented if protective eyewear, with nearly half of all injuries occurring in children under 14 years.

How to choose glasses for a child?
In the first year of life, the main indications for correction are aphakia and high myopia. In children under the age of three leading indications for correction of hyperopia is for esotropia. Preschool children (3-7 years) to correct aphakia, congenital myopia and hyperopia are added early acquired myopia and astigmatism. At school age, the leading indication for the correction of myopia is acquired.

How to pick the right rims of the glasses?
New Year - the right moment to change the old, familiar, or start something new. For example, you can radically revise its image, or even just thinking about it. Think we'll start with the principal, and most importantly to us, loved ones, of course, the eyes, and everything associated with them.

What you need to remember when choosing a frame for glasses?
Participation points is a fairly serious procedure. Many people, especially women, are choosing to purchase the frames as a costume or decorations. The frame should be modern, "trendy" and yet have to face, color and styling your hair, and jewelry.

Improving appearance points lenses
Vysokoprelomlyayuschie lenses made of organic materials can significantly improve the appearance of spectacles. Using the lenses of materials with refractive indices from 1.60 to 1.74 can substantially reduce the thickness and weight of lenses and glasses to make a superficially more attractive, even at high degrees of ametropia. Variety vysokoprelomlyayuschih range of lenses in combination with optical coatings, which offer today, many manufacturers, often puts consumers in a quandary: what lens to choose? To make the right decision, we must understand the basic characteristics and features of the lens material with high and superhigh refractive index.

Contact lenses
It is believed that the eyes of the lens blush, "dried" lacrimal gland, eyes acquire a specific shine (not the greedy, not that ravenous), triggered by a myriad of diseases and so on. I wear lenses for more than 4 years. With regard to shine in the eyes and other cosmetic effects of the MCL, then I am with my close friends spent the experiment: one in the eye lens, the other without.

Spectral points or more on computer vision syndrome
American Association of optometric studies published data on the new occupational disease "Computer vision syndrome" - (KSZ). Computer vision syndrome in one form or another is observed in 100% of computer users. His symptoms are familiar to almost everyone who holds the monitor more than 4-5 hours a day. Ophthalmologists note the rapid growth of cases of SGC. For example, in North America with typical complaints of the SGC to the doctors turned to 1992, 10 million people. In 1996 - 15 million people., And in 1998 for 22 million people.

Polarizing eyeglasses. What do they differ from ordinary sunglasses?
Although the cost of those and other quite comparable, but the fishing is desirable polarized glasses. How to check whether the data points polarizing? Very simple. Take two pair, and lean their glasses to each other. You will be able to see through them. I now turn to some points by 90 degrees. If you continue to see through the glass, then the conventional glasses, but if you do not see - that's all right - you are in the hands of polarized eyeglasses. What it does affect fishing?

Sunglasses - Accessory enigma
The bright sun is often the cause of the appearance of wrinkles. On clear summer days, it is impossible to watch without squinting his eyes, especially if it is near sea. Sunlight reflected by water, shine in mercy. The only salvation in the hot, cloudless days are the sunglasses.

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Polarizing glasses 

Although the cost of one and the other is quite comparable, but the fishing is desirable polarizing eyeglasses. How to check whether the data polarizing glasses? Very simple. Take two pairs of glasses and leaned against each other. You will be able to see through them. I now turn to some points by 90 degrees. If you continue to see through the glass, then the conventional glasses, but if you do not see - that's all right - you are in the hands of polarizing glasses. What is the effect when fishing? Imagine a situation: a light breeze and bright sun, the water ripples, you catch in the thickets of water lilies. Without glasses at a distance of 10 meters, you no longer differed from the pure water lilies. Wearing regular sunglasses, simply drop the brightness of the lighting is better to distinguish between water lilies you will not. Wearing "Polarizers", the picture changed dramatically - you distinguish every blade of grass. 

Glass or plastic. First, glass glasses are quite expensive - more than $ 30. Second, dropping them on the stone, you are deprived. The picture quality through quality plastic and glass virtually the same. Glass is also heavier. In plastics, there is one major drawback - points strongly scratched, so they must be only in a special soft cover, otherwise a season to catch them would be impossible.

Comfort. If you catch a hot climate, it is better to use the glasses, in which between a person and the rim is a large enough space, ie points on the form should look like the classics. This must be to ensure that spectacles do not sweat, that is that between a person and glazed circulate the air. If you catch on the "north", it is best to completely closed points, such as youth. Ace will not blind side beams. For those who wear spectacles, and can not renounce them while fishing, there are polarizing plates, which fasten themselves to the top of the arc points and have two fixed positions - working (glass withheld) and off (glass raised).
Polarization glasses generally

Points are:
from an unknown plastic
of plastic, which is what some well-known firm (eg Polaroid) tested and that meets the standard ANSI Z.87.1 on "optical clarity"
from the usual polycarbonate, which exceeds the simple strength of the plastic blow-break, the effectiveness of polarization, scratch resistance, optical distortions
glass, which surpasses all plastics and polycarbonates in all indicators, except for resistance to impact and weight-drop
CR-39 special optically correct material (behind glass in the resistance to scratching and the same strength of the impact)
from a variety of proprietary known optical (not designer) Company material (not glass) type SR-91 Kaenon, XVZ, etc.
Prices increase from point 1 to 6 with different variations. In addition to the polarization of glasses should be protected from UV (99%) and UVB (minimum 66%), not rub, do not crush, and preferably not to sweat.

Color lenses in polarized glasses depends on the following conditions:
yellow and brown - for cloudy days or always, because yellow gives the best contrast image;
Gray - for clear sunny days;
Pink - Running for fishing along the rivers, where some bushes, then clearing and lighting changes (and for similar conditions);
blue and mirror - for marine fishing.
The study of polarization of something came to the following conclusions:
polarizing glasses (plastic) with diopters find almost impossible, because the polarizing filter is a three-layer structure consisting of two layers of plastic, which is concluded between the thin layer of proper polarization filter. Sam polarizing filter - this is a kind of slit mask on orientation of long molecules of a substance in a strong magnetic field. The technology for reasonable money lens diopters do not allow it.
anti-reflective coating (not to be confused with the polarization filter!) proposed for glasses with diopters - are nothing more than enlightened lens that allows to remove the glare on the lens due to reflection of light between its inner and outer surfaces.
do not think that these plates can easily take away all the highlights - in practice much better (almost zero) removes only those obtained by reflection from horizontal surfaces, such as when driving on wet road against the sun, the road itself is light, but the eye does not hurt, but Here are reflections from the windows and hood of the car yet punched.
What do people who wear glasses? There are three outputs:
contact lenses + polarizing glasses. Variant of course wonderful, but it requires significant investment (about 250-350 Russian rubles per month for the lenses and solutions) and can effect the subjective characteristics of the eye be unacceptable. Yes, and then fuss with them too much.
frame to cleave to her on the second frame magnets with dark (polarizing) glasses. Are such at least 1500 Russian rubles and almost all in the second frame just dark glasses - they have to change the polarization that still adds value with polarized sunglasses, of which we must take these filters. If you dwell on this option, I recommend to take a frame, where the mount is located on the nose - in other constructions the second mandrel can be easily lost, because she kept weak.
polarizing plates on the available points.
What pads to buy?
desirable especially for drivers, since the transmission spectrum of red is higher than the other colors - it will be better visible antenna float.
Subjectively in polarization lining the road I want to note - all blue, black, green machines have become some kind of gray, and red stand out. Stopari red lights downright shine bright and juicy red.
most suitable size for the frame, otherwise not very comfortable to wear this design on the nose. I had bought a pair of scissors to cut the pad that would fit it to the points.
purchase check - not a falsification vparivayut: Take two identical plates and fold them to each other at an angle of 90 degrees - the light through the two folded filter should not take place.
How do I deal with overlays:
Case binding - plastic is easily scratched.
before on his nose design - sure to thoroughly wipe the dust and stains from glasses and plates. At the side the sun all dust particles between the plates and glasses are very visible.
How to check - polarizing glasses or not?

Look through the bottom of any LCD displey, a calculator or a wrist watch for example. This LCD (or glasses) rotates around its axis, if the polarization is, the LCD should be black.