How to choose sunglasses
Material shall be a primary criterion in choosing sunglasses, because health is more important to the style or image. Glasses not only help protect your eyes from bright sunlight, but also do not allow UV light (only glasses with glass lenses). Just wanted to say that too small glasses (whether glass or plastic) though will look stylish, but will be a poor tool in sun protection.

Sport, recreation and sunglasses
For sports sunglasses special requirements. They not only must reliably protect your eyes from the sun, but have increased strength, to be made of special plastic, not glass, because glass increases the risk of eye injuries. According to statistics, 90% of eye injuries could be prevented if protective eyewear, with nearly half of all injuries occurring in children under 14 years.

How to choose glasses for a child?
In the first year of life, the main indications for correction are aphakia and high myopia. In children under the age of three leading indications for correction of hyperopia is for esotropia. Preschool children (3-7 years) to correct aphakia, congenital myopia and hyperopia are added early acquired myopia and astigmatism. At school age, the leading indication for the correction of myopia is acquired.

How to pick the right rims of the glasses?
New Year - the right moment to change the old, familiar, or start something new. For example, you can radically revise its image, or even just thinking about it. Think we'll start with the principal, and most importantly to us, loved ones, of course, the eyes, and everything associated with them.

What you need to remember when choosing a frame for glasses?
Participation points is a fairly serious procedure. Many people, especially women, are choosing to purchase the frames as a costume or decorations. The frame should be modern, "trendy" and yet have to face, color and styling your hair, and jewelry.

Improving appearance points lenses
Vysokoprelomlyayuschie lenses made of organic materials can significantly improve the appearance of spectacles. Using the lenses of materials with refractive indices from 1.60 to 1.74 can substantially reduce the thickness and weight of lenses and glasses to make a superficially more attractive, even at high degrees of ametropia. Variety vysokoprelomlyayuschih range of lenses in combination with optical coatings, which offer today, many manufacturers, often puts consumers in a quandary: what lens to choose? To make the right decision, we must understand the basic characteristics and features of the lens material with high and superhigh refractive index.

Contact lenses
It is believed that the eyes of the lens blush, "dried" lacrimal gland, eyes acquire a specific shine (not the greedy, not that ravenous), triggered by a myriad of diseases and so on. I wear lenses for more than 4 years. With regard to shine in the eyes and other cosmetic effects of the MCL, then I am with my close friends spent the experiment: one in the eye lens, the other without.

Spectral points or more on computer vision syndrome
American Association of optometric studies published data on the new occupational disease "Computer vision syndrome" - (KSZ). Computer vision syndrome in one form or another is observed in 100% of computer users. His symptoms are familiar to almost everyone who holds the monitor more than 4-5 hours a day. Ophthalmologists note the rapid growth of cases of SGC. For example, in North America with typical complaints of the SGC to the doctors turned to 1992, 10 million people. In 1996 - 15 million people., And in 1998 for 22 million people.

Polarizing eyeglasses. What do they differ from ordinary sunglasses?
Although the cost of those and other quite comparable, but the fishing is desirable polarized glasses. How to check whether the data points polarizing? Very simple. Take two pair, and lean their glasses to each other. You will be able to see through them. I now turn to some points by 90 degrees. If you continue to see through the glass, then the conventional glasses, but if you do not see - that's all right - you are in the hands of polarized eyeglasses. What it does affect fishing?

Sunglasses - Accessory enigma
The bright sun is often the cause of the appearance of wrinkles. On clear summer days, it is impossible to watch without squinting his eyes, especially if it is near sea. Sunlight reflected by water, shine in mercy. The only salvation in the hot, cloudless days are the sunglasses.

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"Gray" MARKET sunglasses 

He would know Napoleon Bonaparte - the first industrial contracting party sunglasses with colored lenses, the Nile mud, "- what business he initiated, perhaps sent to their plans in a more peaceful course.

Sunglasses have always been a fashionable accessory, but because - and very profitable commodity. Although "perishable." But in season purchase at least one pair of glasses allows a 35% urban population. Add to this army of dandies, acquiring a dozen points in the color of buttons and swimsuits, dogs, rare breeds, for which Italian designers replicate the collection points for all cases of a dog's life, and you will understand the scope of this case. In Moldova, it is long established and reliable, however, the import and sale of this product is painted, mostly in a radical "gray" color.

In general, the structure of the world market of sunglasses somewhat atypical. Development and manufacture of glasses do not popular fashion houses, and three large companies - "Luxottica", "Safilo" and "De Rigo", as well as several other smaller companies that own the right to create and sell glasses under license of the most important trading houses. For example, glasses "Gucci" made by company "Safilo", glasses "Armani" - "Luxottica", glasses "Givenchy" - "De Rigo". The same thing happens with other brands. Production takes place mainly in Southeast Asia: many famous European and American companies open their plants in Korea, Taiwan, in the free economic zones in China. In the United States and Britain today no points are issued. Sharply reduced their production in Germany and France, growth is observed except in Italy.

Pricing Policy manufacturers of sunglasses are always tied to the frame: the more expensive glasses, the higher the proportion of the value frame. Therefore, conventionally in the world of such products divided into five classes. The first - glasses for under $ 30. No comments. Second - $ 30 - $ 70, mid-level products (not consumer goods, but not yet "indposhiv). The third class includes sunglasses, valued at $ 70 - $ 500. It is a good solid product level, while not emphasizing membership in the elite. The spread in price due to the following factors: the prestige of the brand, the level of applied technology, stylistic innovation and quality manufacturing. The fourth category - $ 500 - $ 2 thousand, very expensive glasses of the highest class, with all the latest achievements of science and design ideas, but without the use of precious stones and metals. Impeccable taste and quality, limited production. And finally, the glasses at a price of $ 2 thousand - for the select club. Such - almost a work of art, piece goods, a rarity, which are engaged in manufacturing of such "expensive" companies as "STDupont", "Swarovski", "Cartier", "Chopard", "Bvlgari". In the glasses of the latter, for example, you can see Mikhail Gorbachev, and the glasses from "STDupont" - Boris Yeltsin. Our "beau monde" in such mountings yet seen not.

Moldovan market of sunglasses too atipichen. Because at least 93% of the product accounted for contraband. All participants in the market this fact is well known, but they stubbornly continue to keep silent about it: the seven importers, to whom "LP" asked for comments, five of them flatly refused.

Thus, statistics show that about 70% of urban population to buy one pair of glasses every two years. Given that in the Chisinau municipality is home to approximately 900 thousand people, their need for such a product has a minimum of 630 thousand pairs of glasses for two years. Or 315 thousand pairs per year. In the capital of this business seriously by six optician, that is, each of them in season (from February to September) must sell at least 50 thousand pairs of sunglasses. In reality, the share of legal trade accounts for about 1 thousand pairs of glasses a year, and it is 0,3% of total sales in Kishinev. This year, the implementation of points (ie, any) first introduced the VAT, so it is easy to assume that they are subject only to this thousand sunglasses.

"In such a situation to talk about the harmfulness of the" left of goods "is meaningless - said" LP "CEO Network" Optic-Zeizz "Valery Makaryan -. You see, in such glasses lens should be at the haberdashery, and optical (not important, it is plastic or glass). Well, can not be good glasses cost 30 lei in retail, this is absurd! human pupil protects itself naturally, it was narrowed down in bright light. Cheap sunglasses, lenses are stuck on a dark, poorly colored film, give your eyes only the illusion of security. Pupils remain broad and receive a full program of all ultraviolet rays. But that's not all: counterfeit distorts the shape of objects (hence the squint), its glass and the frame can be made from easily breakable materials. Cheap composite frames when heated in the sun can give off toxins - cause severe headaches. When buying glasses on the principle of "the darker the lens, the more it protects - stupidity. The degree of darkening does not affect the protective properties of glasses. We are now smeared with a special coating that protects against ultraviolet radiation, even for glasses for vision correction, with an additional tone may not occur. And finally, if you do decide to purchase, it would be good to find her statement "100% UV Protection" or "UV 400", which, in principle, the same thing. Marked a marked points do not pass the most dangerous in the ultraviolet range.

When asked why the legal importers do not protect their market, the answer is clear: while in Odessa, there is "the seventh kilometer, to fight illegals useless. The main parties counterfeit bought there, on average, the wholesale price of $ 1,2 - $ 2 for a pair of glasses. Directly in China are the cheapest sunglasses wholesaler will sell for $ 0.3 per pair. Compare, glasses of good quality, but without the big names in opte drag at least $ 10, and it is in the same South-East Asia. In retail, such points can not cost less than 300 lei. Accordingly, import them in large quantities unprofitable: street markets selling them not overcome. Her tradable commodities varies from 40-100 lei, rarely sell glasses for 150 lei, but in an assortment of street retailers, they are available.

Against this backdrop, trace the specific delivery of legal importers. For example, the firm "Optic Lux". The company received the distribution rights from several foreign manufacturers: companies "Rege" (trade mark "Sonya Rykiel", "Lagerfeld"), "Grosfilley" (brand "Azzaro", "Revillon"), "Nigura" (brand "Porshe Desing", "Reebok"), "Silhouette" (brand "Swarovski" and "Silouette") and so on. The company has a Bayer - Elena Filimonenko, she is co-owner network, which form the range of shops. Upgrading collections usually occurs twice a year: in May the World Exhibition in Milan, optics and October - in Paris. Sampling is conducted on the basis of personal taste buyers, however, and the fashions are irrelevant. For example, this season the most popular glasses - in a big frame, "a la Bridget Bordeaux. Purchase points from manufacturers is fundamentally different from buying the same clothes "pret-a-porter": if Byers, selected clothing, clearly indicate the minimum amount the party, or a minimum number of items from each collection, the first case did not put any conditions. You can buy 30 pairs of glasses at each firm (this is not just a minuscule, a drop in the ocean!), But you will still talk on equal terms.

"Approximately 80% of our range of glasses are the first line, that is" haute couture "- commented Ms. Filimonenko. - The volume of orders form the basis of market demand: We import as much as we can realistically sell. If there are residues, allows the manufacturer to next season, significantly reduce their prices, which does not affect the brand image. For example, repair of flat glasses, valued at 2,5 thousand lei in the coming year may fall in the price of 1 thousand lei.

But the main thing, "Optic Lux" itself makes sunglasses. That is a collector's frame is inserted into the medical experts of the firm lens of French production, which tinting in any color, any "fluctuation". These glasses are very different from the usual sun, because the medical lens ideal surface. Such a metamorphosis may be vulnerable and a lens with a diopter. And the service is worth 50 lei for toning the two lenses.

Clearly, the choice of points is always influenced by several factors: social status, sense of style, demeanor, stereotypes. It is possible, in imitation of Madonna, select glasses of "Marcolin", like Tom Cruise or Naomi Campbell to stay at the "Gucci", or the legendary brand "Ray-Ban", "Heroes" is - the people on the street, but full of dignity. The main thing is that points are not worth $ 2 or $ 20 as a street vendor in beach slippers.